Sightings of Winged Creatures
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Sightings of Winged Creatures

"...In the 1970's a silvery feathered birdman was observed by people in the Mawnan in Cornwall, England. The birdman was said to have pincers as feet, reddish eyes and a large mouth. Two sisters watched it fly over a church in 1976. In July of the same year there were more sightings of the creature both on the ground and in the sky. In June through August of 1978 there were additional sightings in the area of the church in Mawnan..."

"...A giant black bat has ben reported in the mountains of Cameron. It has been observed by many hunters in the area. A similar creature has been seen in the Jiundu swamp in Zambia, called the Kongamato..."

Taken from The Shadowlands Mysterious Creatures Page at:

If you have seen Winged Creatures please e-mail me and I will post them on this page!

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