Sightings of Unicorns
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Sightings of Unicorns

This page contains sightings of unicorns from medieval periods. If I find any present day sightings of unicorns, I will post them on this page.

"...In a communication from Natal, Mr. G.R. Blanche states that Mr. B. Bouwer had seen,in a stone cave in Namaqua-land, about twelve days from Lake Ngami, pictures of all sorts of animals, drawn by Bushmen, in which the unicorn was distinctly delineated. Mr. Bouwer added that an old Bushman at Gh--- told him that he had many years ago seen the animal, that it was very fierce, but that it had now gone away. He had heard besides, other Bushmen speak in similar terms of the reputed fabulous beast. Mr. Blanch concludes: -- 'My opinion is, that the unicorn existed recently in Africa, and that it is not proven to be extinct now, but that the probability of its being in existence now is not very great.' He rests this conclusion on the general accuracy of such rude sketches by savages in other parts of the world besides Africa, asking, if the unicorn never did exist, why should drawings of it be made in Namaqua-land, Natal, the Transvaal Republic and Cape
Colony, possessing the same general and one particular characteristic..."

" twas shaped like a stag, from the middle of whose forehead, between the ears, stands forth a single horn, taller and straighter than the horns we know..."
-Julius Caesar, "The Gallic War"

"...there are in India certain wild asses that are as large as horses and even larger. Their bodies are white, their heads dark red, and their eyes dark blue. They have a horn in the middle of the forehead that is one cubit in length. The base of this horn is pure white. The upper part is sharp and of a vivid crimson, and the middle portion is black. Those who drink from these horns, made into drinking vessels, are not subject, they say, either to convulsions or to the falling sickness. Indeed, they are immune even to poisons if, either before or after swallowing such, they drink wine, water, or anything else from these beakers."
-Ctesias of Cnidus

"...These variegated (unicorn) horns, I learn, are used as drinking cups by the Indians-although not, to be sure, by all of the people. Only the great men use them, after having them ringed about with hoops of gold exactly as they would put bracelets on some beautiful statue. And it is said that whosoever drinks from this kind of horn is safe from all incurable diseases, such as convulsions and the so-called holy disease, and that he cannot be killed by poison..."
-Claudius Aelianus (Aelian)

If you have any documented sightings of unicorns you would like to see on this page (1200 A.D. - present), please e-mail me and I will post them on this page.

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