Sightings of Sea & Lake Monsters
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Sightings of Sea & Lake Serpents and Monsters

"...Reports (of a lake monster in the Great Lakes) go back at least as far as 1817. It was described as being between 35 and 60 feet and to have bright eyes. The monster has been seen as recently as summer of 1993. One sighting was about 2 miles off Kelly's Island. That critter was estimated at 15 feet to 25 feet. Typical of lake monsters, it moved with an up and down motion (which indicates a mammal, most likely, rather than a reptile or a fish). You might also contact Tom Solberg, the owner of the Huron Lagoons Marina. Apparently, he is some sort of spokesperson for a group which has offered over $100,00 in prize money for the creature "delivered alive and unharmed". Also, marine biologist Dr. Charles Herdendorf thinks the monster may have been photographed by a satellite..."

"...Beijing: The Loch Ness Monster reportedly has a Chinese cousin - a giant vapour-breathing creature that lives at the bottom of a deep gorge in a remote mountain area in central China's Hubei province. It has revealed itself only to frightened peasant fishermen who have nicknamed it Chan, or toad, becuase of its amphibious appearance. The first recorded sighting came in 1962 from peasants who were fishing in the gorge by throwing explosives into the water. Chan allegedly emerged and chased the frightened fishermen for about 30m..."

Credit: Peter Darben

"...Turkish authorities are sending investigators to the country's largest lake to look for what witnesses describe as a monster like a dinosaur. A parlimentary commission agreed to a search for Turkey's version of the Loch Ness monster, said to dwell in Lake Van, eastern Turkey, after the provincial deputy governer claimed to have seen it. "The monster was just like in cartoons. It was black and had triangular spikes on its back. It looked like a dinosaur," he said. But Orhan Erman, a biology professor at Ataturk University in Erzurum, said: "It is not possible for a creature of the size claimed by witnesses to live in a closed lake like Van." ..."

"...The remains of four strange creatures were videotaped by scuba diver Kevin Deacon in an underwater cave off the Fijian island of Matagi. Deacon said, "They bear no resemblance to any marine creature I know." Experts have been baffled too. The animals, videotaped amist seaweed and coral, are gigantic - two of them being an overall 30-feet with skulls a yard long - and, according to Deacon, "They look more like a land animal or an amphibian." ..."

"...On March 30, while on the Grand Bank, in latitude 40 10', longitude 33, they discovered an immense live trunk turtle, which was at first thought to be a vessel bottom up. The schooner passed within twenty-five feet of the monster, and those on board had ample oppurtunity to estimate its dimensions by a comparison with the length of the schooner. The turtle was at least 40 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 30 feet from the apex of the back to the bottom of the under shell. The flippers were 20 feet long. It was not deemed advisable to attempt its capture..."

-Taken from "Ben S. Roesch's On-line Cryptozoology Archives"

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