Sightings of Other & Misc. Creatures
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Sightings of Other & Misc. Creatures

"...At around 10:30 pm on the 21st of April, 1977, 17 year old Bill Barlett and 2 friends were driving down Farm Street in Dover, Mass, when Bill noticed movement in the lose stones of the wall on the side of the road. The described seeing an "animal" in his headlights with large orange eyes set on a huge mellon-shaped head. It also had thin arms and legs, but with large hands and feet. It was hairless and flesh-toned, with a rough texture. He made a sketch of the "Dover Demon" which is shone above.

Two hours later, John Baxter (15), saw a similar creature that fled into the woods as he tried to approach it. He claimed to be unaware of Barlett's earlier sighting.

The next evening, Will Taintor and Abby Brabham saw the creature sitting on all fours at the side of the road. Abby insisted that the eyes of the thing were green, even after being told by investigators that earlier reports described them as orange..."

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