Sightings of Ghosts and Spirits
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Sightings of Ghosts & Spirits

"...I have an interesting story about an apartment me and my family once rented in California.

My husband had found a small apartment for our family of five in Oxnard, Ca. Aug '89. He was stationed there with the Navy. At first we didn't notice anything. Little things disappeared but we had three children until the age of 4 and they could have misplaced just about anything. A month after moving in my husband's Military dress shoes disappeared. We looked everywhere, even in the stove and fridge but no shoes. He borrowed a pair from a friend.

While he was gone for the day I continued the search for the shoes. After a about a month without any sign of them we resigned to buying another pair. A few days later I went about writing home. I was too short to get to the shelf for the stationery and envelopes and had to pull out the bottom drawer of the cabinet. There in the drawer was the shoes. We all dismissed the idea of the kids hiding them because this is a well used drawer.

Things got stranger from that point on. Strange specks of lights flashing down the hall, a bathroom door with no lock locking, security blankets disappearing and reappearing in the same place, money disappearing and reappearing in different places and closet doors opening by themselves.

My oldest child at the time was four years old. She started talking to someone in her room at night. I thought nothing of it until she had very clear details of her friend's appearance. Once we were talking with friends about the strange events in the apartment and of our child's friend, Joey. She quickly corrected us on some facts about Joey. He was a she and she is scared of adults. That Joey just wanted to stay and play . We took a picture of the kids in thier room one night, when I got the pictures back there was a globe of light next to my oldest daughter and the picture of her alone. Needless to say I was spooked. We couldn't move until my husband got new orders so we stayed until after Christmas.

Christmas was the strangest holiday we have ever had. Two weeks before Christmas I had bought some Christmas themed Golden books for the kids. I read the books, layed them on the couch and put everyone down for a nap. I returned to the living room and the books were gone. I looked in all the places most things have been found like behind the dishwasher and in the storage closet outside. I found a couple of books but not all. Then some beautiful stockings showed up and a few ornaments. I was already spooked and I didn't want to push my luck, I filled the stockings on Christmas Eve just like I did for my children. In the morning, the stockings were all there. They hadn't disappeared like I expected. I didn't know what to think. I felt like a fool. We moved a couple weeks later and I couldn't find the stockings anywhere. I did find the Christmas books in a box in storage.

Any of the friends we had visit us in the apartment rarely wanted to stay long and no one ever wanted to spend the night. We had friends tell of us of their experiences in the apartment and they always thought we were making it up..."

Extract from The SPIRIT Website-

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