Sightings of Faeries and Elves
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Sightings of Faeries and Elves

"...It was in the garden with my mother at her home... when this occured. Mother wanted to show me the correct way to take cuttings from rose trees. She stood behind the finest rose tree we had with a pair of scissors in her hand, while I stood in front of it. Thus we faced one another with the rose tree in front of us.
Suddenly Mother put a finger to her lips to indicate silence and then pointed to one of the blooms. With astonishment I saw what she was seeing - a little figure about six inches high, in the perfect shape of a woman and with brilliantly coloured diaphanous wings resembling those of a dragonfly..."

"...Sometimes at night people will wake up and hear footsteps and voices in their houses. When they get up to see who is there, they find nothing. But in the morning, when they go to the kitchen and they find some food missing, they know the Little People have been there. Other times, you'll be standing by a stream and you'll hear children laughing, but, when you go to look, there's no one there. Then you know the Little People have been there..."

"...One day, just before sunset in midsummer, and I a boy then, my brother and cousin and myself were gathering bilberries up by the rocks at the back of here, when all at once we heard music. We hurried round the rocks, and there we were within a few hundred feet of six or eight of the gentle folk, and they were dancing. When they saw us, a little woman dressed all in red came running out from them towards us, and she struck my cousin in the face with what appeared to be a green rush..."

"...Some years ago I was one of a party invited to spend the afternoon on the lovely slopes of Oxeford Hill, in the County of Dorset. The absence of both trees and hedges in this locality enables one to see without obstruction for long distances. I was walking with my companion, who lives in the locality, some little distance from the main party, when to my astonishment I saw a number of what appeared to be very small children, about a score in number, and all dressed in little gaily-coloured short skirts, their legs being bare. Their hands were joined, and all held up, as they merrily danced round in a perfect circle. We stood watching them, when in an instant they all vanished from our sight. My companion told me they were fairies, and they often came to that particular part to hold their revels. It may be our presence (that) disturbed them..."

"...In 1635 Hans Krepel saw a "moss woman" near Saalfeld and had a chat with her. On August 18, 1644, Kürfurst Johann Georg I caught a female dwarf 2 feet in height near Chemnitz (today, Karl Marx Stadt). An earthwoman tried to steal a human child and replace it with her own near Saalfeld in 1662. A strange and tiny humanoid creature dwelled in a cellar in Lutzen, and was observed several times in 1665. A year before, an earthdwarf was observed near Dresden. Another dwarf was seen in Torgau in March 1669..."

"...According to students from Lautoka Methodist Mission School, about 8 mysterious little figures two feet in height and covered with black hair have been seen near the school. The figured, believed to be dwarfs, hastily moved away into nearby bushes when the children began to approach them... Apparently six different students, ranging in age from 10-14, actually saw the figures while returning hom from school... 'One showed by his teeth and then ran away,' claimed one student..."

Extracts from Janet Bord's "Fairies: Real Encounters with Little People."

"...My own experience with the little people began when I was approximately 9 years of age. I was at play in my parents garden when I stumbled upon something that was both fascinating and frightening. Most small boys know - from experience - what the skeletons' of birds and frogs look like; on this day in question I found something completely different to anything I have ever known or possibly will ever know again. Imagine, if you can, suddenly coming across a perfectly formed human skeleton; but in miniature. This skeleton was not to be measured in feet rather in inches, 3 or 4 at the most. Finding these remains frightened me. I did not tell my parents or indeed anybody for many years after the event. How I now wish I could make my discovery again, unfortunately such is life. Over the years I have thought long and hard about the find, discounting the obvious as I have already mentioned above, including the remains of small rodents. I have come to the conclusion that what I found on that day were the remains of a smaller, hitherto unknown except in myth and legend, race of humanoid creature. One of the latest theories to have been put to me is that maybe I found an aborted foetus. This is a highly plausible explanation on the face of it; it does however crumble in my view when properly examined. A foetus is not the same in proportion as a fully developed human being, indeed neither is a new born, full term baby. Remember I found a perfectly formed and correctly proportioned set of remains. I know what I found, it is just unfortunate that I cannot prove it.
So to conclude, I believe that this earth is home to another race of humanoid creatures who are able, most of the time, to hide away from us. I do not however subscribe to the view of these creatures being dainty with gossamer wings. They may well possess powers unknown to us, possibly mental but also possibly technological. These powers or abilities could well be the foundation to the fabulous legends of our past..."

Submitted by
Kevan Farmer - © 1997-1998. You can contact him at
The following message has been asked to accompany the sighting:

"...The sighting was a long
time ago, however, it is one of my most profound and crystal clear
memories. At the time it caused me great fear, it is the awareness
that we do share this planet with other humanoid forms. It took me
years before I mentioned this anybody but in the end I just felt it was time to tell the world, and so I am quite happy for my story to be told.

I have not since seen any other of our fellow inhabitants but my
eldest daughter has. She has caught fleeting glimpses in a local wood...she is obviously blessed with the ability to see. I have had a number of strange experiences throughout my life. I have seen ghosts and I also have, I believe, a guardian angel watching over me; I've cheated death on a number of occasions including coming away from a 90mph motorcycle smash unscathed! The bike was a tangle of metal.

I have recently gained what I believe to be strong evidence for
reincarnation - of a sort. This however is quite personal and
concerns what I can only describe as a past friendship...perhaps
even a past day I may tell this story but for now it is intensely personal..."

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