Sightings of Dragons
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Sightings of Dragons

"...The naturalist Edward Topsell wrote in 1608 that Sanctogoarin, Germany was plagued by a dragon whose flights caused fires..."

"...The Italian naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi had in his collection a lindworm killed near Bonn in 1572..."

"...In Rome, Italy the Historia naturalis of Pliny the Elder reported that a dragon killed on Vatican Hill during the reign of Emperor Claudius (died 54 A.D.) contained the body of a child; centuries later, in 1660, the German Athanatius Kircher examined a dragon killed near the city. He commented on its unuasual webbed feet..."

"...As recorded in 1572, a dragon inhabited the area north of Lapland; so desolate was the region that the creature was reduced to a diet of mice..."

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