Sightings of Bigfoot
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Sightings of Bigfoot

...He looked around to his left and then to his right. There it was, twenty yards away, looking straight at him was this thing. Its head and arms were resting on a fallen tree that was five or six feet above the ground. Seeing only the head and arms, Rye thought it was a large bear, a very large bear. He began to raise his rifle to his shoulder. The thing, still
looking at him, still leaning on the fallen tree, grinned at him--or so Rye thought. Then the thing let go an eerie, half-human scream. Its head began to rock from side to side and Rye could hear a rumbling sound. His rifle at ready, Rye back-pedaled. The thing moved a moment and Rye could see it from the waist up. It had a large flat head, stubby ears, a short neck and sloping shoulders with long arms. It was all covered with brownish grey hair...

"...Squatted down in the deep grass was a creature staring at my dog. The minute he saw me, it exploded into the alder thickets...The thing was dark brown. It had a pointed head, no
neck, and was extremely muscular. I heard it for about 10 steps as it ran through the thicket. It moved so fast that if it would have been a deer in season, I would have never got a shot..."

"It was half-ape and half-man. I've been reading up on the abominable snowman since then
and from articles you get the idea that these things are more like gorillas. This thing was
not like that at all. It had hair all over the body as if it was an ape. Yet the face was
definitely human. It was more like a hairy human."

"...A pilot saw a sasquatch-like creature after making a forced landing in an isolated area.
While walking out, the pilot said, he saw a man who ran into the woods when he waved.
Later he saw this creature standing only 10 yards away as he walked by. He described it as
seven feet tall, apelike, with a large head and massive arms and a stale odor. Its eyes, he
said, were a glowing green..."

"...Three men described seeing in their headlights a 10-foot shaggy, dirty-white creature near
the road that picked up a dead deer under one arm and crashed into the underbrush..."

Photographs of Bigfoot:
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